To protect every forest. is a technological AI company with one simple yet massive goal – help humanity save the planet Earth.

Introducing novel way of forest monitoring



Just a handful of decades ago, the world was brimming with up to 16 million square kilometers of mature tropical forests. Today, that number has been more than halved to due irresponsible deforestation projects and a general lack of sustainable alternatives.



Our innovative satellite artificial intelligence data and unique algorithms have the potential to reduce the cost of forestation efforts, improve the impact of these efforts, and, ultimately, secure a brighter and healthier future for everyone that calls planet Earth home.



Through the proceeds of our NFTs we plan to support countries with rich rainforest habitation that might not have the resources or funds to protect these sensitive areas from illegal logging and other deforestation threats.

Help us lease and protect a rainforest in Congo

Our Congo NFT collection will go towards a permanent lease of over 1000 acres of a rain forest in the Republic of Congo

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Republic of Congo


3,317, 17.933


1614.16 km2398867.54 acres
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5 km
Collection of 10001 ◻ = 1.6142 km2

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Welcome to the Forest Ecosystem.

green world map vision is to have the protection of over 30% of the forests across the entire globe by 2028. That’s in less than a decade!

Our carbon climate offset NFTs are a key part of that goal.